Tuesday, January 28



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Sunday, January 26


muna hijazi arrives here in barcelona. we take photographs of every bit of lavish graffiti and the stone demons afixed to the sides of churches, and want to be catholic, and stay awake late talking about health care and cognition with sam the austrailian-future-obstetrician (has delivered three human babies), and buy the unmarked glass bottles of red wine for two euros, move to a hostel on carrer de palau with a stove for cooking and where our room has a balcony; wander around past endless crooked streets ignoring the sights and speaking intensely.

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Thursday, January 23



dymaxion houses and buildings; artifacts.
ideas like these seem good in a million ways, but how would you keep from everything looking exactly the same, as well as being predictable? (the functionality and efficiency would definately mean you could assume alot of things about your day).
i think people get pleasure from surprises and unknowables in their surroundings.
someone write me and talk about this (ryan).

i┤ve started sleeping only when i am tired, at any hour of the day, for about fifteen or twenty minutes, anywhere i happen to be.
i think this will work out to be good.
i went to the beach today. the sun so dramatically changes the temperature around the beach it makes an invisible door and all the people bundled up with pufffy coats and mittens step through and pull off all their layers down to their teeshirts and collapse onto the sand over and over again. i fell asleep almost immediately and woke up with sand in my nose.

muna arrives tomorrow!

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Tuesday, January 21


there are neighborhoods filled up with complicated graffiti and impossibly beautiful kids and arabic markets and cats going this way and that way. everything is something to look at. all the layers of all shoved together.

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Monday, January 20


i feel completely good.
today i saw three giant people strut by and a giant horse and i followed them but they walk too fast for me. they were sort of wooden, their faces did not move, but their legs did. the part of town my hostel is, it is all alleyways that are not on the maps. what you do is wander around and get yourself lost and then buy a falafel and then go to the park and take a nap on a bench. i moved hostels, to a better one with plants covering the balconies and that is near the even tinier streets that are named after saints and have shrines embedded into their stone walls with dried up wreaths and candles. on the walk to the hostel this morning, the move from one to the other, it was very early and people were having their morning cake and i saw a balck cat that had died and was laying there looking wet and red and last night i had watched the kittens run around, dozens of them, and this cat lying there made me having a coughing fit.

yours, amanda L. at 6:51:00 PM [+]


on what happened during the weekend

last saturday evening was another airplane ride and i am beginning to feel curious about that, by the time i was buckled in and covertly tucking the safety card into my bag to add to my collection and with the airplane driving around and then that certain heavy push along with the rush of engine; i feel like a dance routine in the grass of the front yard at age seven, over and over

it was night-time once i made it to the city center with my bags. i do not know any catalan or spanish whatsoever and i have no map of barcelona and i have a heavy, heavy load and this makes me: dragging everything around the barri gothic for hours, and the streets are filled with children because everyone in barcelona at night is twenty two years old and no one sleeps ever and they are all on skateboards or sitting in the plašas drinking from botttles.

i followed the yellow signs that said youth hostel in sharp black letters.

in the day time what happens is i go outside and freak out because its so incredibly beautiful everywhere and i feel as if i have no future in a good way and i feel all outcomes are good ones, here, there and in between, and i day dream about richmond already because i want to put some plants on the windowsill (maybe---well, in theory i want some plants. i mean, i want the idea of plants. not really, um, live...plants...) and open up a building to everything and have conversations with the following people:
ryan, evrim, jasonlaferrera, muna, andrewbourne, joey lively, the new dana and kelly, and several others. but first, oh but first i want to waste all my time and energy in the south of spain and see muna off to egypt.

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Sunday, January 19


yesterday i wrote a long story and the blogger went out on it at the last minute. then i flew on to barcelona. but before that, i wandered haphazardly around london and was taken in by the magnificent melissa akdogan, who took me out for middle eastern food and talked only about interesting things and let me sleep in her bed which has two duvets and a quilt on it. yesterday was also elizabeth┤s birthday.

its warmish outside in an eastertime sort of way. i am not quite sure what i am doing yet. i sort of want to be working on things, but i am confused about my place.

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Friday, January 10


1. _______________
2. _______________
3. _______________
4. _______________

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Monday, January 6


tron. oh, tron.

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Sunday, January 5


1. vocoders. people wearing headphones, and talking into the vocoder. "i love you vocoder."
2. tron and sisters
3. drinking tea for four hours and matthew clark stopping by to tell us he is Getting Married. to a girl named Ashley. and we say, in a field? in the field in front of your house? a wedding that lasts three days? because thats what we would do. he says, we will build a geodesic dome. in the field across from my house.
this makes us grin and fuss and heat up soup for him, exclaiming, that is just so, so wonderful!
4. elizabeth, peanut butter ice cream, merlot, the soundtrack to the grand theft auto videogame.
5. trying to secure a house in lebanon to stay in. muna and i, pouring over the laptops, working out travel plans.

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Friday, January 3


falling rapidly behind in all things but somehow still ahead, in a way

1. i lived inside of a bookstore but now i am in america and live here and there.
2. i saw karen horner with long black hair and a camel colored coat, and with music all over the place. i saw her in philadelphia and on laurel street, and i saw her with marshmallows to cook on sticks over a trash can fire.
3. for christmas i was given presents. they include books on buckminster fuller and nanotechnology and synesthesia and bathyspheres and lockpicking (along with nice lockpicking tools), some cameras that are tricky to find film for, two domain names and i know that is excessive, and perfume that smells like glue (it is called glue, and i traded it to the store for a perfume called fireplace that smells like fireplaces). also, some documents detailing the location of a star somewhere in the middle of ursa major, named lightning across the world.
4. screenprinting yellow polygons onto clear vinyl.
5. zubrowka vodka, the concrete park, brent greg anna muna jonathan jason julie and her friend, rain and warm air and i love my bicycle; andrew bourne with a bottle of wild turkey, a party with dancing and wooden floors that creaked from the weight and everyone with wet hair, clutching and pulling and pushing and shrieking, falling asleep at the garden until late afternoon the next day.
6. cooking potatoes and having the flu,
7. having the flu,
8. having the flu

9. in two weeks i am moving to barcelona to make my fortune. no. to start a boarding house, and then begin the rest to end all rests, and read books on science, go dancing, speak spanish and take photographs all day.

yours, amanda L. at 12:06:00 PM [+]

Thursday, January 2


i do not write here. but i am not lazy.

yours, amanda L. at 1:25:00 PM [+]

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