Monday, August 25


jazz rex harris, 1952
essentials works of john stuart mill, 1961
hey, i'm alive helen klaben, 1963
nicholson's london guide, 1967

the stars for children
if all the world were paper and all the water sink
toys in the buckminster fuller store
the performance artist that wove rope for a year and is going to walk it like a tightrope and deliberately fall into a net woven with the same rope, once

100% of the time/ the shortest possibly time

25 cent paperback books based on their covers, the library is my neighbor, the basil plant had let itself die again (the archetype of coming home from a trip and the dramatic physical change of the shrivelled up basil tree, gasp, oh no, not again) and in the night i took it across the street and carefully set it down in the park, the way you'd let a baby bird free after you nursed its broken wings back togther, except in this case the plant was dead again and rather than resurrecting it once more i just wanted it to be somewhere nice and green and with other plants; and i was crying again but mostly out of exhaustion, as i had just endured hours upon hours upon hours of...being in a car. (shawn: so what are you doing when you get back? ryan: looking for a job, i guess) oh, deliver me

at the march we were yelling when evrim appeared from behind us and muna and i whirling around with shrieks our arms encircling his neck, stopping in the middle of the current which continued around us, jumping and hollering and asking fast questions like What Are You doing Back Already

none of this makes much sense i guess, i havent told the stories that connect the spaces, but i secretly think it does, because we've all been living the same summer together, even though i do not write to you so often.
in maine i saw the northern lights, thank you shawn thornton
now: at compuer number 1 a man is rapping at the screen, and at us. he has a speech impediment.
other people.
jason mcphillips is driving across the countryside, soon

andrew and maury are in the forests getting eaten by bears. plus: muna getting to be happy as we all deserve to be; but she craves it most, its her central theme; and nicholas is knocking down walls and leaping from ceilings and i love him with the same force that holds the world together and that i will not understand until the physicists uncover a grand unified theory

yours, amanda L. at 3:16:00 PM [+]

Friday, August 1


ascii movies

yours, amanda L. at 10:13:00 AM [+]

anda gail lewis 2005. stop crying every day.

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